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Erik Lund
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I got to see Mark perform live several times in London when I was there back in '01 (right after 9/11...was supposed to leave from Boston on 9/12...obviously got delayed...and bringing my drums through the airport security was a nightmare but ANYWAY)

He constantly amazed me with his playing - both taste and technique - and the sounds he got! He was doing some "extended techniques" on the drums - but so quick and precise and totally with the music (all free... "of course!" says the peanut gallery) and when he needed to get rumblin' - he simply destroyed the drums. So loud and downright scary at times.

And a hell of a guy! Me and my friend Nat Catchpole hung out with him at the pub afterwards and we talked about all sorts of stuff - from the meaning of what we play to Soft Machine.

Hangin' around the Youtube parts of the Interweb, I am finding more and more great clips of musicians - so here's one more. Check out the way Mark develops his ideas - from the very beginning till he stops at the end for the bass solo. This man is a giant.
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