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Default Re: Tentitive "band" problems

Look... if you dont want to play in a band with them then dont! it's that simple. tell them this:

to the guitarest: if you want to be in a band with me first you must learn cords, i dont want the fact that you 'dont want to learn them because they are hard" to hold me back.

To the bassist: you are in teh rythom section with me... if you cant follow my lead then i dont need you and you'll be holding me back from my full potential!

Listen, i've been in a band for a while now and we always stive to push eachother, to see how far we can go. we all learn together and grow together (musicly). we are constantly chalanging eachother and ourselvs, thats how you get better, you try something new. at first it's hard and you want to give up 'cause youre aggrivated. but if you have good bandmaits (such as i do) then they will be patiant and and try to help you and motevate you to get it rite!

being in a band is not palying each indevidual instroment, the band itself is the instroment!!! your band will only be as good as it's weakest link!!!

hope this helps,
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