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Default Re: The O line!

Originally Posted by michael drums View Post

Jeff! Barring any injury...history will be against your position on Peyton Manning! He will, AT LEAST, win as many rings as Tom Brady. Probably more! seem to forget about the quality of the Miami teams, or lack thereof, that Marino played on. Yes, he had GREAT receivers during his career...but THAT'S IT!! Great for stats, but NOT for championships!

How can you even compare Manning & Marino? That's ridiculous, my friend! Marino threw for TONS of yardage. Manning is an Offensive General. If anything, Manning is much like Montana! As you will see by the end of his career, and all his rings.

Let's face it, Brady WAS great! And still is a VERY capable QB! But he has passed the torch to Peyton Manning, who WILL eclipse the Brady legacy...

...Play On! ;-)

P.S. Good Luck to ALL...and have fun!
After last night, you may wish to change your stance on Brady being "very capable". He IS the best player in the NFL. I'm picking him to start for my team every time.

The Patriot team that I've seen these last two weeks is head and shoulders above anyone else in the league. Jesus, they DISMANTLED the Chargers. LT got nothing all day.

The Colts look good but the Pats look unstoppable.

Alas, my poor Giants look horrible. Go Yanks!
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