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Default Re: Pat Petrillo here!

Hey Pat, bought your book and already in only 2 weeks it has been a tremendous help, if only I had it the past 6 years!

My question is about the set you use in the video though. I am in the market for a new kit and was going to buy the Sonor Force 3007 series, but because I have A)heard great things about GMS and b)loved the way they sound on the DVD, I decided due to budget constraints to get a nice set of Paiste Twenty series cymbals and 2 custom snares from DW forums members.

On the GMS website, it mentions that you play the CL line series which I found hard to believe because I thought you said your drums were made of Ash, and only the SE and GM series are supposedly in ash? If that is the CL line, then damn that is really good for what is considered their "lesser" series.
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