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Erik Lund
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Default Whatever...

"Guess when the dynasty is crumbling, ya gotta stoop to cheatin'"

Yeah, we looked real crumbled out there today... You wanna take back any of those silly rants, Michael? You probably don't, but I'll just assume you do, since you have to.

I thought the Chargers were supposed to be our competition this year? All the haters saying Randy wouldn't keep it up...ESPN had a vote and the majority of people said 8-10 TD's this year. He's already got 3...And 100+ yards again today.

Brady - 25-31 today. 3 TD's and a bunch more yards. His QB rating is off the charts. All the haters?...Whatever.

LT didn't even reach 50 yards today. He can *totally* shut his mouth now, thank you very much.

This is the best the AFC is gonna throw at the mighty Patriots?! Just give out the rings tomorrow and get it over with.

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