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Originally Posted by Erik Lund View Post
hey britt, any more thoughts on painter's spring? try "live in Wels & Chicago 1998" it's a double disc and HAMID is a revalation throuughout.
I was listening to it and I started kind of thinking, so much of the charm it has to it is based on the fact thats its so different from the modern jazz of today in most ways simply because it is so raw and it has portions that are not really blemished per se, just unperfect, but with a sense of purpose and an inherit groove to it. I get the same feeling listening to Elvin and Roy Haynes some times. Its refreshing. It seems like so much of jazz really is being played at such a high level of "expertise" lets say the Wynton Marsalis type technique wizards who just dont mess up, its nice to hear something loose. Ill check out live in wels and chicago when I get some money.
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