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Default Re: Introduce Yourself

real name? Marius Pettersen
age? 21
how long been playing? 13 years
origin of user name? just a funny spanish way I used to turn my last name into
top 5 drummers? Mike Portnoy, Dave Weckl, Thomas Lang, Tomas Haake and Martin Lopez
make of drumkit? Tama Starclassic Performer & Tama Rockstar
make of cymbal? Paiste Signatures on main kit, Meinl Amun/Byzance/Raker on 2.kit.
where do you practice? My house and at my band's rehearsal place
are you in a band/s? yes, 2 bands atm: "Brutal Ensemble" and "Offset Nature"
covers or originals? both
what style of music? Metal; Thrash, Progressive and Heavy influences
favourite take out food? Pizza, Chinese and Kebab's maybe
country? Norway
one really odd fact about yourself? I started with piano lessons at the age of 4, advanced to guitar a couple years after, and then at 7-8 years old I started drumming. Been drumming since then, and also learned bass guitar recently.
how did you start drumming? My father was a drummer, but I didn't start drumming before I joined the local marching band at the age of 7-8.