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Originally Posted by jonescrusher View Post
Sorry, but i smell no small amount of b/s. Of course, it's subjective as to what a person thinks 'learning' a song or drum part involves. Regardless of what people think about his technique, Portnoy comes up with some of the most intricate and well honed drum parts in the business. If you find Dream Theater songs easy and quick to learn (as Portnoy plays them) then you should certainly see yourself as a naturally talented drummer.
Well, just wanted to point something out, Some people find it difficult to learn Mikes stuff, so even if one is gifted sometimes its hard to learn things like that. And "Naturally Talented" I think talent is an excuse for not practicing, now if you ask me Talent does not exist, I would say Skill exists. I prefer somebody telling me that I am skilled than talented, because talent would make it seem that I did not work hard enough, sometimes thats what people intend to say but for me I prefer it when people say I am skilled.

Now back to portnoy, even if one is "talented" its hard to learn his ways and try to imitate him because alot of what he does is His way of doing it, no drummer is going to imitate other drummers because every drummer I believe always try to improvise for the better so I think that even if one is an incredible drummer its hard to imitate someone that has different ways of doing things because every drummer is unique in every single way possible.

I bet I sound so confusing most of the time I don't even understand what I say,,, I hope you understand though!
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