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Originally Posted by jonescrusher View Post
Sorry, but i smell no small amount of b/s. Of course, it's subjective as to what a person thinks 'learning' a song or drum part involves. Regardless of what people think about his technique, Portnoy comes up with some of the most intricate and well honed drum parts in the business. If you find Dream Theater songs easy and quick to learn (as Portnoy plays them) then you should certainly see yourself as a naturally talented drummer.
OR maybe you just dont know with intricate means. Have you studied theory? My playing , counting is all a product of practice and work , if i was naturaly gifted it wouldnt have taken such. My point remains the same.. A drummer that has been playing for a while should have the chops to handle theese songs , a general understanding of time sig and rhythm should take care of the rest.

lets not forget the person who i was replying to said it was taking him months just to learn how to count the stuff. He should most certainly invest in a music theory book.

if a drummers been playing for that long and doesnt have the chops to handle something like this its time to start practicing.
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