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Originally Posted by bfdrum86 View Post
I am not a gifted or naturally talented drummer .. and i know what it means to work in order to learn and sound good. NO song has ever taken me more than a week to learn. Practicing always makes it sound better over time , but i have never had to stuggle that long. Granted this wont apply to a player thats played for a year or 2 .. This comment wasnt replying to a young player.

I dont mean this to sound mean .. Theory .. learn how to count . To me thats all it takes if you have experiance at your craft..

Sorry, but i smell no small amount of b/s. Of course, it's subjective as to what a person thinks 'learning' a song or drum part involves. Regardless of what people think about his technique, Portnoy comes up with some of the most intricate and well honed drum parts in the business. If you find Dream Theater songs easy and quick to learn (as Portnoy plays them) then you should certainly see yourself as a naturally talented drummer.
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