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Default Re: The Real Football Thread

The fine was as expected with all the players crying about the commish being a management guy if he did'nt place a stiff fine it was pretty inevitable.

Good ol Mangini selling out the ex coach...The ol saying honor among thieves. This may actually hurt Mangini too.

As far as the 1st rd pick, well they only lose their own 1st rd pick which will probably be 32 anyway and they still get the 49ers 1st rd pick which will probably be top 20, so no big deal really.

mike I can see saying he cheated and got caught and should be fined or even suspended for a game but to say they should forfeit? Come on man I don't think you really believe that.

I just hope that they kick the snot out of the big mouth chokers this sunday night..Should be a great game.
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