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Default Re: Just one Led-Zeppelin gig planed NO TOUR

Originally Posted by jonescrusher View Post
I doubt they've got the inclination to go through the stress and bother of anything more than one show, which they've said they're only doing in tribute to Ahmet Ertegun (sp).

I agree that it is disappointing, particularly as this show is necessarily an industry orientated affair ie. too many tickets being allocated to corporate hospitality and industry dickheads, whilst the plebs are left to fight it out for whats left of the tickets.
It would be a nice to gesture to their army of loyal followers to make the effort for them. A week of shows at the new Wembley would kick arse.
It would be nice if they did what Cream did 3 nights at Royal Albert Hall and a mini US tour.Just as long as they can get within a 500 mile radius from Detroit.I'll start praying tonight LOL.

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