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Default Re: Just one Led-Zeppelin gig planed NO TOUR

Originally Posted by bonzolead View Post
I seen Plant on his last solo tour he did about 6 Zep tunes sounded great,I seen Jimmy Page & the Black Crowes sounded great,I've seen Page & Plant sounded great also I do agree through when I seen Page with the Firm he was sloppy then and the Live-Aid stuff was sloppy also but I think you will be shocked with this gig ever since Page has cleaned up his act he's back to his old self again it's just cool that Plant,Page & Jones are on good terms again and with Jason no less even if they start rehearsing now that give them 2 months too work the bugs out I think everybody is gonna be shocked.It would be too cool if this turns out like Cream did a while back started out a 3 nights at Royal Albert Hall and that turned into a world tour oh lets us hope.

Keep Swatting,
Sounds like I might be proved wrong. I hope so!!!

I didn't know they were sounding good on that last tour. I apologize for the ignorant comments
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