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Originally Posted by Guinness View Post
Stealing signals has been going on since the beginning of baseball, name it. I don't consider it cheating, because everyone does it...the Pats just got caught. The same reason why about half of the coaches call plays with the play sheet covering their lips. You don't think that about every team has a lip reader somewhere in the crowd just looking for some kind of competetive advantage? Football is BIG MONEY. Get as much information and break the code. Bill is a hell of a coach..old stone face. He doesn't offer any emotion and hardly any information for a reason, he doesn't give any team the tinniest insight into what he's got up his sleeve. I guess the spy's are going to have to be a bit more discreet for now on..but I promise you there will be a guy somewhere in the crowd watching. That's for sure.
Oh...Ok, everybody does it! Then that makes it right... :-(

I totally disagree, Guinness! Unless, of course, you're an "expert" in the daily goings on of any AND ALL NFL teams!

Look...if Bill Belichick is a "he__ of a coach", as you say...does he NEED to cheat??

Kinda sounds contridictory to me!

"Everybody does it", is NOT a "green light" for cheating! OR a legitimate reason to do so!

Money or no money...Play On!
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