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Default Re: Just one Led-Zeppelin gig planed NO TOUR

Originally Posted by mikei View Post
I am not too excited about this gig. Plant and Page are just shadows of what they were. Their musical abilities were so much a part of the music. They sounded pretty bad when Phil Collins played with them in the early eighties soon after Bonham's death. They have deteriorated significantly since then.

I love Kiss also but their music isn't demanding. Even when all 4 original members rejoined in the mid 90s, they did OK. First the music is very elementary to play and they got to wear make up. Same with the Stones. Basic, great music. Jagger is in great shape still.

Zep's musicianship is essential to pull off all but their most basic songs. After hearing plant and page as of late, it is going to be incredibly sloppy unless the play Kashmir over and over.

I love Zep, but this one they should have left alone. Let the coverbands who mimic them continue to play their stuff for the fans. They do a much better job of it.

However, I hope I am proved wrong. I hope they light it up and it takes me back to yesteryear.
I seen Plant on his last solo tour he did about 6 Zep tunes sounded great,I seen Jimmy Page & the Black Crowes sounded great,I've seen Page & Plant sounded great also I do agree through when I seen Page with the Firm he was sloppy then and the Live-Aid stuff was sloppy also but I think you will be shocked with this gig ever since Page has cleaned up his act he's back to his old self again it's just cool that Plant,Page & Jones are on good terms again and with Jason no less even if they start rehearsing now that give them 2 months too work the bugs out I think everybody is gonna be shocked.It would be too cool if this turns out like Cream did a while back started out a 3 nights at Royal Albert Hall and that turned into a world tour oh lets us hope.

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