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Originally Posted by nhzoso View Post
Ahhh christ...Now I have to change my avatar because the Pats have are really causing me alot of anguish with this stupid video taping crap. I work with a bunch of jets fans and it was actually getting close to violence today with a few of these morons.

I still don't know what great advantage is gained by it but maybe I am just too stupid. Whats to prevent a team from giving some poor sap (like me) season tickets if you just make sure you video tape the opposing teams coaches??? How can they really stop it?

Anyway's I do recognize that it is a rule and they most likely broke it so they should be punished but to what degree who knows.

Some idiots at work were actually saying they should forfeit all 3 SB victory's..LOL or even forfeit the jets game?? How ridiculous is that.

Thanks Bellichick from Pats fans everywhere that have to listen to all the idiots for the next 6 months.

It ALL starts with Bellichick!! HE'S THE IDIOT!

Ummm...They SHOULD forfeit the Jets' game!! The cheating...THAT'S RIDICULOUS!!

Listen to yourself, nhzoso!! Now I'M LMAO!!

See...settin' yourself up for RUDE awakening, like I said in a previous post! Well...Here's the RUDE AWAKENING!! ;-)

Wow! Hee...hee...
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