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Joey Jordison should be one of the top hundred drummers BECAUSE of his popularity. Do you see nile, or archenemy, or meshuggah in the spotlight? NO, of course you dont, because they are obscure. Joey deserves what he has because he did something different to all the other drummers and got famous by doing it (yes Funk/Rap/Mallcore metal was different once). Now, many people can do what he does better than him, and that makes them awesome technilogical drummers, but not particularly interesting drummers, which is why so many metal drummers(and bands) are still in the obscure backwaters of the music business. Joey was new and unique once, and changed metal drumming quite a bit. There is only one metal drummer at the same fame level as him that is better than him, and that is adrian erlandsson(my best friend met him at drummer live and went cymbal shopping with him). But even then, I dont see non-metallers talking about how much they hate cradle of filth, I only see them talking about how much they hate slipknot, which must mean something if complete strangers to the genre know all of the names of the slipknot members. In conclusion, Joey did something that was awesome and got his band famous for it. People try exactly the same things, but are still cursed with obscurity and b-list fame.

Slipknot are good, joey is good

Dennis C, Virgil D and Adrian E are all better tho
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