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real name? Raphy
age? 19
how long been playing? 7 years
origin of user name? Mythological deamon from the Alps Vaudoise (Switzerland)
top 5 drummers? Tim Alexander, Danny Carey, Jimmy Chamberlin, Michael Giles, Andrew Small
make of drumkit? Sonor and Pearl
make of cymbal? Sabian, Istanbul Mehmet, Zildjian
where do you practice? In a music practice room under my garage
are you in a band/s? Yep 1 called Mahogany
covers or originals? We compose and have a few covers : King Crimson (21st century schizoid man), Fleetwood Mac (Oh Well), Rage Against The Machine (Know your Enemy).
what style of music? Bizarre Post-progressive-stoner-rock.
favourite take out food? Pizza marinara or Chapatees.
country? Switzerland
one really odd fact about yourself? I realise when I'm wastin time
how did you start drumming? From the age of four, after seeing a picture of a Teddybear playing a kit, the will to drum was living me until I could realise it at the age of 12.