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Default Re: Why is it so hard to find people to jam with?

Originally Posted by fourstringdrums View Post
I'm getting very frustrated with trying to find people to jam with. I've written to about 15 people through CraigsList and what not. Most of them haven't written me back. Others actually wrote me, but then stopped writing. Of course I had the one band I auditioned for and that didn't work out, but I thought I had something lined up with a guitarist who wanted to jam. We exchanged a few emails and he called me the week before last and said that he would be in touch last week. Well Thursday I sent and email and Friday I called him and I still haven't heard anything.

It's getting a bit irritating because I feel like it shouldn't be this hard to find someone to jam with, ANYONE...forget if the person is actually compatible.
Ha! I had to chime in as the *only* band mate-finding experience I've has is w/ Craigslist. I made a very casual, easy, humorous ad explaining my skill level and the types of music I'd like to play. I made a point to say that this was a "garage band" experience and I just wanted to jam for the sake of making music w/ others.

I've done this twice and the first time, I would say I got somewhere between 15 and 25 replies. I thought "holy hell, there's a huge number of musicians out there w/ free time!". After a week, when people would quit writing back or not reply in the first place...I thought, "yep, there it is...the 'flaky musician' stereotype holding true".

I ended up hooking up with a guitar player and a bass player who were *great* guys...we clicked and played for a couple of months. We had a fantastic time and I made some good friends. The guitar player moved out of the area and I put yet another ad up there...and hooked up with another guitarist (and talked to at least a half-dozen flakes) within a week or so.

I'm still jammin' w/ this guy today (4 mo. later)...and we've become good friends.

So, I'd say - be patient and feel confident to quit trying to communicate w/ someone if they fail to reply within a few's a 2-way street. In the end you could hook up w/ some really great folks and it's well worth the wait.
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