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Originally Posted by Erik Lund View Post
Tom Brady had absolutely no one to throw to last year - and if his receivers didn't drop those two passes and if SOMEBODY (...not gonna say his name) ran the correct route, the Patriots win last year's game and win another ring (like the NFC is gonna do anything) Payton *did* make an impressive effort and got the win, but it was the receivers on the Pats who lost that game.

Guess Michael didn't read this earlier:

"People don't seem to remember or realize he threw at one point - 13 TD's to 13 DIFFERENT PEOPLE!"

That would be "Tom" and that would be an "NFL record". Must be nice for Payton having Marvin Harrison all these years to throw to. Oh wait - the Pats just picked up a Moss with something to prove...hhmmm... And a bunch of other top-tier WRs....hhmmm...

I'm with Nhzoso - I'll take Tom 10 out of 10 times, and I don't look back. Until that loss, I don't think Brady had lost in a dome. He can flat out play anywhere and if it goes to NE in the winter...well, good luck Domies.

Erik, you're just another (can't get outta the past) armchair Pats fan who's settin' himself up for a RUDE awakening!!

I take NOTHING away from TB! Matter of fact, I was pulling for him in EVERY Super Bowl he played in! you weren't expecting that, Huh? But you Pats fans need to "live in the present!"

Peyton is the new sheriff in town! And he will lay down the law again this year with his 2nd Championship in a row!! PERIOD!!

And remember...I'm NOT A COLTS FAN!

Peace out...Play On! ;-)
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