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Default Re: Why is it so hard to find people to jam with?

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It's just a matter of time, persistence and not losing hope and you will find someone that clicks. Staying open minded (in terms of genre, skill level, location) is a plus as you'll find one sooner - especially if you're dealing with skilled musicians.

BTW, have you looked for a online music forum for your local area - that's how I found my gig - from the Musicians Wanted section.

Good luck.
Well the only information that I'm putting out is that I'm looking for mature musicians who are no younger than 18. I only put where I am, I didn't put where I want them to be from, but I have a limit. I'm not up to driving more than an hour just to jam with someone. I list the styles that I want to play as funk, jazz, light and classic rock. Really I'm not into playing any other styles, or physically up to it like punk, metal etc.. I want to jam with others and hopefully get into a band, but i want it to be with playing music that I have an interest in and some familiarity with. If I auditioned for a punk band I would be miserable and I wouldn't mesh with the other musicians any way because I have no experience with it.

There aren't any local forums. I live in a smaller area which makes it even harder.
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