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real name - My friends call me "Slappy"
age - 42
how long been playing - On and off since I was about eight.
origin of user name - It was the dumbest thing that I could think of at the time.
top 5 drummers - Neil Peart, Chick Webb, Mike Portnoy, Akira Jimbo, Gene Krupa, and Steve Gadd. Oops, that's six. Oh, and Dom Famularo. And Jon "Bermuda" Schwartz. And Terry Bozzio. And Dave Weckl. And...
make of drumkit - Pacific EX in Red Wine wrap (the "vintage" 2001 EX, not the new ones).
make of cymbal - Zildjian and Wuhan.
where do you practice - In "The Cave" (our spare bedroom - my wife named it after I took it over with all of my stuff).
are you in a band/s - Nope.
covers or originals - n/a
what style of music - Jazz, Blues, Rock oldies, Standards.
favourite take out food - Thai.
country - U.S.A.
one really odd fact about yourself - Too many to think of just one (I'm a buddhist, a vegetarian, and I train seeing-eye dogs. That's a good start.).
how did you start drumming - Are you kidding? How do I stop?!
My kit: Pacific wood, Evans oil, Zildjian bronze

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