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I really dig Weckl with his solo band. The first three albums have a great funky touch whereas the rest of his albums are much more fusionesque. I agree that Weckl sometimes overplay. That's the reason why one of his ex- bandmate stopped playing with him. He did not want to be in a "drum solo band" :-)

Personally I think Weckl is really unique. His feel and his sound are unmistakable. For those who think that he cannot groove or swing listen to The Honeydrippers (with Robert Plant and Jimmy Page) and Jay Graydon's "Bebop" albums.

A friend of mine hired Weckl to play on some of his stuff..... He is not cheap but it is amazing to see how much he brings on the table, how he brings a song to a much higher level. Some of my friend's stuff was recorded with a very very good local drummer/teacher and sound excellent. But when you listen to the tunes with Weckl you're in a different world. The whole band sound much better.
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