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How many rings does peyton have??? Probably atleast 2 less than he should with the talent he has had around him in the past and present. Brady has won 3 with players like Givens, Patton, T. brown, all of whom's stats don't add up to even one of Mannings Wr's..Manning was a 1st overall pick and Brady a 6th rd pick hmmmmm wonder who is above and beyond expectations?

I agree Manning is a great great QB but I don't agree he is better than Brady. This could be argued for years and years and probably will with both sides having good points.

For my Money I will take Brady 10 out of 10 times..Especially after he gets his 4th ring this year., Oh and I am a Pats fan : )

Spoken by a TRUE Pats fan... ;-)


Play On!
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