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Default Re: The O line!

Originally Posted by michael drums View Post
Hey Jeff!! ;-)

As much as I respect your views on "drumming", you may wanna "re-think" that comment about Brady being the best QB in the league! Though, he WAS the best a few years ago! NO DOUBT!! But there's a guy named Peyton Manning that you may have forgotten about! game against THE JETS, is far from making too much of the Pats and Brady!! You may wanna check the roster of the New York Jets and their stats from last year. That would put it in a little more perspective about the Pats vs. the Jets!

At least the Saints went to NFC Championship game last year and had a "decent" team! And the Colts were REALLY dominating against them Thursday!

The Indianapolis Colts ARE the defending champions and Peyton Manning is the best QB in the league...proven last year in the AFC Championship game!!

...Play On! ;-)

Oh...and I'm not even a Colts fan!

Well, next week will tell us alot as the Chargers are going to New England next week. The Chargers are one of the top 3 teams in the NFL.

As far as Brady VS Manning, right now, Brady holds 3 rings and Peyton has 1. If I had to win one BIG game, I'd pick Tom. If I wanted to break the single season record for passing, I'd pick Peyton.

Brady is like Montana, Manning is like Marino (but with a ring). They're both going to the Hall but there's little doubt that Brady will retire with more rings than Manning.
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