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Default Re: Why is it so hard to find people to jam with?

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I totally agree. I think if I could find some people to play with my playing would improve much quicker. I've got a friend who comes over and brings along a bass player (gotta pay the bass player $40; a small fee, I know). We only do that about once every month and a half. I've got a sax player that I could play with more often but we really need a bass player to complete the trio. And I love a sax/bass/drums trio. I've posted ads numerous times on craigslist and you get a bunch of people responding but no one every comes through when a session is set up. What gives?
At least you hear something. I have only heard from 3 out of the 15 people. One was the band that didn't work out, another was the guy who won't get back to me, and another is a guy who stopped writing. Oh wait, I did have one band about an hour and a half away email me, which I wasn't interested in, but at least I had the courtesy to say I wasn't interested.
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