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No doubt. Although, Newman should be back in the starting lineup within a few weeks. Rumor has it Greg Ellis is not to far after that. The nose guard position definitely has me a bit worried. In a 3-4 defense that is one of the most important positions and Ratcliff doesn't quite have the bulk to fill in on Ferguson's roll in that scheme. Wade Phillips is definitely going to have his work cut out for him trying to make an adjustment to that defense to accomodate all of those key injuries.

On another note..the offense looked great. I believe Romo is the real deal. He's going to have to carry this team for a while until they can get the D firing again, but if they can't get it going they can pretty much forget about advancing in the playoffs. If they played a team like New England or the Colts yesterday it would have been a completely different story.

Oh, and somebody needs to light a fire under Roy William's...

Originally Posted by LinearDrummer View Post
As happy as I am that We won there are some serious red flags.....
- Romo can't play that way every game
- The secondary is awful with or without Newman
- Fergie is out for the year which affects our run defense
- Terry Glenn is our only true deep threat and he could be out for the year....

I'm gonna be cautious and see how the next few games play out before crowning them a super contender....
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