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Hey Jeff!! ;-)

As much as I respect your views on "drumming", you may wanna "re-think" that comment about Brady being the best QB in the league! Though, he WAS the best a few years ago! NO DOUBT!! But there's a guy named Peyton Manning that you may have forgotten about! game against THE JETS, is far from making too much of the Pats and Brady!! You may wanna check the roster of the New York Jets and their stats from last year. That would put it in a little more perspective about the Pats vs. the Jets!

At least the Saints went to NFC Championship game last year and had a "decent" team! And the Colts were REALLY dominating against them Thursday!

The Indianapolis Colts ARE the defending champions and Peyton Manning is the best QB in the league...proven last year in the AFC Championship game!!

...Play On! ;-)

Oh...and I'm not even a Colts fan!

How many rings does peyton have??? Probably atleast 2 less than he should with the talent he has had around him in the past and present. Brady has won 3 with players like Givens, Patton, T. brown, all of whom's stats don't add up to even one of Mannings Wr's..Manning was a 1st overall pick and Brady a 6th rd pick hmmmmm wonder who is above and beyond expectations?

I agree Manning is a great great QB but I don't agree he is better than Brady. This could be argued for years and years and probably will with both sides having good points.

For my Money I will take Brady 10 out of 10 times..Especially after he gets his 4th ring this year., Oh and I am a Pats fan : )
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