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Default Re: Led Zeppelin Reunion???

One gig does not equal a tour.

I saw the 77 tour at the Pontiac Silverdome and remember it well. Times were differnt back then, bands were not into playing a song verbatim, a lot of improvsing was going on and this concert was no exception.

Jones did his 20 minuite no quarter solo, complete with laser occilisope patterns on the roof of the dome. At points it was boring to be honest with you, the lasers kept the crowd going and people yelling dont freak out man, it's ony zepplin.

JB did his moby dick solo, but the guitar intro and finish to the song, they did the Wanton song, I think it was, or something off of PG which just made it wierd ya know? theyr olled the drum kit up to the front of the stage, complete with lights inside the drums and inside the kettel drums. Again about a 20 min solo, with JB playing with his hands and all, a good solo. He was looking overwieght and looked liked he was in his underwear, honestly looked like boxer shorts and a wife beater on.

Page did his dazed and confused solo, violin bow and laser pyarmid and the antena feed back thing, again very good solo, had the crowd going and again about 20 mins for that.

So the 3 hour show had about an hour of solo material in it and 2 hours of songs, a couple of encores, which was also wierd because they turned on the house lights and plant comes running back on stage and says we cant let you go just yet, turn those lights off but they left 1 set of them on so here is the might zep doing trampled under foot with the house lights on, just a bizare finish to a hot night.

Ah yes, 6 ft mirror ball, huge video screen, lasers, 82,000 people, no opening act or warm up band, only a record player palying music before the show and only playing Bob Seger record, it was just a wierd night but it could all of been from the acid too!
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