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Default Re: Led Zeppelin Reunion???

Originally Posted by gcarlet View Post
Presumably late drummer John Bonham's son, Jason Bonham (last seen banging skins for celebreality band Damnocracy on VH1's Supergroup), will fill in behind the drumkit for the Zep trek; since Damnocracy mouthpiece Sebastian Bach is busy trying to launch a hip-hop career on MTV's Celebrity Rap Superstars (more on that HERE), we're guessing Damnocracy are on indefinite hiatus and Jason will therefore thankfully be free..."
Originally Posted by michael drums View Post

But will Jason Bonham leave Foreigner for a Zep reunion?
Jason has lived off of his Dad's name for his entire life & I couldn't imagine him turning something like this down. He'd also say, "This is my way of paying tribute to my father." (Again, for the umpteenth time.)

I'd love to see these guys back together, but we'll see.
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