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michael drums
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Default Re: The Real Football Thread


The Cowboys looked GREAT tonight! Ummm...but, they have SERIOUS holes in their defensive secondary, special teams, and their tackling is just horendous!! UGHHH....

Their running game looks strong, Jones and Barber! Romo looked brilliant, at times, and held it together throughout the game! And the receivers had a REALLY GOOD game, ie...Whitten(TE), TO and Byrd!

Hope they can fill the gaps in their defense and special teams! Or it's gonna catch up to them, eventually!! :-(

The Giants didn't play too bad offensively, as Eli Manning looked better that I've EVER seen him! Too bad they lost the game as Eli played his heart out!! He deserves A LOT of credit for his effort...bein' he got hurt and STILL went out their and threw a TD pass to Plexico! Tough loss for them...

Play On! ;-)
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