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Default Re: Official Rugby World CUp (and the lead up tests) Thread

What's happening to the Eurpean teams?!
Ireland 27 Namibia 17
England 28 USA 10
France 12 Argentina 17
Wales 42 Canada 17
Scotland 56 Portugal 10

Ok, so all but France won, and France lost against a Pumas side who played very well. However, there is ow a very real chance thatFrance could be the first host nation to be eliminated at the end of the pool matches in world cup history.
Wales' win is at least slightly respectable, even though they were down 17-9 until they took their 'resting' best players off the bench.
Ireland fell to pieces after a great start and barely survived to tell the tale. And that is with Brian O'Driscoll back in the side.
As for England, where do I start?.... Although at least they had a better margain than Ireland.

Scotland, on the other hand, looks a lot more promising than I first imagined. Wales fits into this same catergory for me, even after their "don't worry, our B-Team can beat them easily" debarcle that could have ended in tears (not mine, of course).

I'm hoping Ireland will get their act together and not lose any pool matches and come out of the pool matches with prefferably agrentina.Hopefully England makes it out of their pool and face Australia in the first quarter final. New Zealand to face Argentina in their first quarter. Ireland to face Scotland in their quarter final. South Africa to face Wales.

Of that, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Ireland progress. Australia plays NZ and (hopefully) comes out on top. South Africa plays Ireland and RSA (though I'd prefer Ireland) come out on top. Australia vs. RSA final*. You heard it here first

*knowing my luck, this will not be the case and it will be RSA vs NZ. Either way, a great match.
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