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I've gotta say, I'm really digging Joey's playing these days. The more I listen, the more i like.
I'm really sick of the "dave is better" bs, people are entitled to opinions but this borderline idolatry is tiresome and seems narrow minded. Dave is different. Great , sure, but if Joey's good enough for Josh and all then he is most definitely good enough for me.

Really good sense of groove about him and one of the main reasons he was hired in the first place, Josh Homme is quoted as saying, was his interaction between bass and snare. Perfect example is the jam they go into here:
Mezmerizing stuff.

Another new addiction of mine is the brilliantly simple yet undeniably cool "sick, sick, sick" from the new album. Have yet to hear the album as a whole but if it continues in the same vein then i think Joey has made a name for himself.
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