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Default Re: Chris Adler

I will say something about Chris, I think is drumming is very very good, and the guy is another perfect example of being "self-taught", no formal teacher, etc.

That is a perfect example of having passion for the insturnment and craft.

One thing he said back in the MD festival he had with Bittner was that "people forget that drums is all about having fun, and focus on other thngs"... HE IS ABSOLUTLY RIGHT.

I think everyone gets caught up in the hype of playing fast, stick tricks, this or that... It really comes down to playing from the heart and playing what the music calls for...

As a session drummer, I really find myself trying to play to the music rather than always find a way to put in a signature fill or something other than what needs to be played... But taking a step back really makes you focus on what the task at hand really is...

And Adler is a perfect example of that!
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