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Default Re: Ryan Van Poederooyen

Originally Posted by chopsy View Post
Great to see you on here Ryan giving all this great advice. I enjoyed Synchestra very much.

Do you practice different styles each time you practice? With how diverse the tracks are I can see how it would be hard to stay on top of them all.
Hey Chopsy,

Thanks for the kind words about Synchestra, I love that album! As for these Forums... it's awesome to be here chattin' it up with you fellow drummers!

To answer your question :

Do you practice different styles each time you practice?

Yes I do.

With any instrument I find you can never know enough about your instrument. There is always something new to learn. So when it comes to practicing I'll warm up with rudiments (hands and feet) and then practice different things. Right now I'm really into displacement of beats, so I'll practice different grooves and incorporate displacement. For example the other day I focused mainly on this really cool shuffle groove and then messed around with the timing and fills while playing to a click track. Today, I was messing around with syncopation and blast beats. Again, I was focusing on displacement and fills within the beats, that's what I'm reaally into at the moment.

What I practice on really depends on what I know I can improve on or something that has recently inspired me. I just want to be as versatile as I can to expand my drumming horizons for session work and for when it comes time to do another Devin Townsend Band or Terror Syndrome record. It's always cool to be able jam as many grooves as possible to get the best result for a song. Synchestra happens to be one of those albums that I'm very proud of because of all the different approaches to drumming I was able to incorporate!

Hope that answers your question!

All the best,

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