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To be honest, I think the Colts played a near-perfect game. The only imperfection that i saw was that fumble early in the game that scored a touchdown for the saints. Other than that, their defense was ridiculously dominating and FAST! Exactly like the defense that led them to the superbowl and eventually won it. On the offensive side, I mean Manning threw for 3 TD's NO interceptions, and I think 288 yards? And Addai had a fantastic game with 23 rushes and 118 yards. I mean everything was clicking for them that game. And the Saints are not a bad team anymore. If the Colts keep on playing like this, no one can beat them, they'll go on to win the superbowl.

True, but it's a long, long season. If they do that to the Pats, Ravens or Chargers then I will agree 100%.. Saints are good but I don't think their Offense is anywhere near clicking like it should be yet. It should have been a shootout, I am not buying Indy's def. is that good....Yet!
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