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Tommy Lee is a very very very good guy in real life. I know a few people who know and met him, and say you couldnt know a better person.
A far as a drummer, ok lets be real, out of ALL THE HAIR metal bands in the 80's who was a great god of drumming?!??!? The music was hard but simple, and it was more of a stage act/show more than anything. I dont know if the parts were played any different that the music or the drummer would have been better!

Tommy though is a character and has had success on t.v. and of course being married to Pam Anderson... So it definitly helps the drum companys who want to endorse him...

Its a business, and companies wanna make money... And they know the way they will do this is to put guys who are familiar behind their products... Tre' Cool, Tommy Lee, Travis Barker...
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