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Tre' Cool, he is good. A good drummer in my opinion. And he is in the lime light because of Green Day.
You have to remember, the reason kids say "HE IS THE BEST" is simply because they dont know better. Not to say he is good, but again, when coming down to the root of drumming, and the root of their songs for GD, he does his part because that what it calls for.
I remember looking at Lars and T.Lee growing up and saying, WOW i will never be able to play double bass, or do those fills, MAN how do they get their drums to sound that way... Then as I got older, i was introduced to Dave Weckl, Steve Gadd, and believe you me, my focus went from playing fast and hard, to playing with feeling and playing with ease...

What im trying to say is music is a beautiful thing, and if Tre Cool gets kids playing drums, then hey, more power to him. I only wish we could all be on the level he is at playing shows and being endoursed!

Green Day as a band is good, I will say this though, they can put on a hell of a concert. Saw them live, and I really believe that the show really sold itself! Goes to show you, bands that needs lighting, fireworks, smoke screens, and etc, compared to bands and drummers you see playing a jazz club like Yoshi's in Oakland Ca, where Steve Smith, Weckl, Gadd have all played.................. the rest is in the eye of the beholder.
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