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Default Re: This stuff needs to stop:

Originally Posted by Erik Lund View Post
"As far as his drumming, I will say it again, they guy can do anything and everything"

No he cannot.
I would beg to differ Erik; this is someones opinion and means something to them, in my humble opinion Thomas is a wonderfully talented drummer who has worked very hard to get to his standard and that should be respected and, although I may be a little unfashionable, I have enjoyed his dvds and the clinic performances I have seen of Thomas.
I appreciate that you and I have very different influences, tastes and 'heros', but neither of us are wrong to follow what we follow; you find BR boring and uninspiring [now] and have moved on to other inspirations, where I am stuck with 'west side story from the Talk of the Town' as my motivation.
On a personal note, thank you for the tips regarding various sounds and drummers, I have had a listen to some but sadly remain in BRs fanclub, peace jc
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