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I have had the good fortune to see TB play with Missing Person's twice. Once on the Spring Session M tour (Phew!) and then the Rhyme & Reason tour in 1984. They played at Six Flags where we were the house band, so I got to help load in and sit behind his electric "tube" kit. Tiny little pads all over the place, but you could most of his body through the custome design. I noticed and pointed out a tiny set list posted in one of the tubes and remarked to my bass player that I would surely screw up the set if mine was that small. Well, a few bars in the second or third tune, Missing Persons had to stop and Terry apologized to the crowd for starting the wrong song.

I also got to see him in clinic with Sonny Emory. That was one for the books. They had a little drum battle and once Sonny started with the stick tricks, Terry said "uncle"( I highly doubt it, but he's a true gentleman).
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