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For anyone thinking that the Colts are going to win - I will remind them (the fools...) that the Patriots, despite completely imploding in the second half- were one pass away from still winning that game against the Colts - and Tom Brady (the BEST QB in the league) had absolutely no one to throw to ALL SEASON.

They just cut Caldwell the other day - and he led the team in receptions and yards- which goes to show you just how stacked they are in the WR area this year. Randy Moss will shut up all the Raider fans who think he's a bust - and even in the slight-chance case: if he is a problem with the team - the Patriots don't need him. They did well with NO ONE last year, so with the other WR's - Brady would still have more than enough people to throw to.

People don't seem to remember or realize he threw at one point - 13 TD's to 13 DIFFERENT PEOPLE! I could put a uniform on any of you guys and have Brady throw to you and he'd still win.

Almost everyone I know that has a fantasy team is using New England's defense - They are always in the top 5 and even without Harrison they are looking great. Merriweather and Thomas are gonna destroy.

And the Patriots also happen to be the best coached team in the NFL. You guys can say what you want, but once the Pats won a Super Bowl (for the first time in their franchise's history) everyone suddenly wanted to know what made Bill tick.

The Red Sox and Patriots have suddenly developed a lot of haters in the past few years, with the Sox winning in '04 and the Pats winning 3 of the last 6...I think it's 'cause there are so many wagon jumpers who don't know squat about the sports...They just like winners...And that makes the real fans look bad. I've been a fan since I was born, and it was tough getting killed all the time - and with the Pats getting killed in '96 by Green Bay... The best thing that ever happened to the Pats was that stank-arm QB (what's-his-face) getting injured and allowing the GREAT Tom Brady to shine.

Team of Destiny!

(Also - Tom's got a hot girlfriend again. I think part of the problem last year was that he didn't have some gorgeous girlfriend to go home to after the game. He had to slightly worry about his situation. No longer. Supermodel girlfriend "in tow")
Good post, hard to make an argument against it even for non Pats fans.. Although I will warn you that they look good on paper but they still have to play the games.

I tried to draft the Pats def. in my league on espn's live draft and accidentally took San Diego's...argggghhhh, Oh well could have been worse I guess. I also like the Saints in the NFC but not by leaps and bounds..Hard to actually pick a team from the NFC..Which says alot about the state of the conference. I would say that the top 6-7 teams in the league are in the AFC.. Atleast by the last few years records. This year looks to be about the same but like I said..They still have to play the games. GO PATS
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