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Originally Posted by slingerland755 View Post
Good point, but Jonescrusher has made a case for himself. I find it hard to believe that Blackwell bores you. That guy is pure groove (and chops)!
A couple of cool ideas on a video, but sitting down behind a drum set for long enough will do that anyways. I'm just saying having him sit down and play drum beats wasn't exactly what I'd look for in an educational DVD. Listing and playing music is already a great way to develop groove and feel, and I manage enough of that to be satisfied. In terms of technique I found he didn't talk much about grip/concepts/his approaches to things, whereas Lang did, and therefore I found Lang's DVD much better as an educational tool.

That isn't to say that his DVD isn't helpful. I just didn't seem to get a lot out of it, but then again we drummers can and should learn from EVERYTHING we see/hear.
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