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There seems to be some kind of dislike of technical players on this forum. Thomas does solo a lot in his clinics but lets not forget that he is one of the most in demand sessions/touring guys in Europe, so he very obviously does something right.

Someone like me would love to see a Lang clinic; to see his technique and how he applies it with soloing/his own music. I would love to study that and better my own technique. That's why I got so much out of Langs DVD whereas I was bored to death with Blackwell's.

Just because some drummers, like Lang, Weckl and Donati, really study the technical aspects of drumming very thoroughly, and therefore tend to play things more technically applied, does not mean that they cannot groove, especially if they are touring with acts like Sinead o Connor, Bill Liesegang, 911, B*witched, Karen Ramirez, Robbie Williams, or Victoria Beckham like Thomas Lang is.
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