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Default Re: Brian "brain" Mantia

Originally Posted by BrynnerAgassi View Post
I dont his DVD, and honestly I dont know if I would.
The first time I hear Brian, I thought to myself he is an average drummer, no style though. Maybe I have not heard too much of his stuff, but from what I have heard im not that big of a fan...
Actually I saw a clip on YouTube, it was Brain playing with Guns'N'Roses... It was Welcome to the jungle, and I swear on a stack of bibles, either the whole band was high/drunk, or Brain just had picked up the sticks for the first time...
If you go to Youtube and type in his name and guns n roses, it should bring it up.
I dont like ever knocking other drummers, but with Brian I just have not seen anything original from the guy...

PS.... I like Tim in Primus over Brian!
Dude, check out his work with Primus, the guy really has one of the most distinctive styles on that stuff; a beautiful wide open pocket and very original cymbal choking ideas. It's all about groove over chops with Brian.
That said, i agree that Herb will always be the Primus drummer. One of the true greats.
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