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Default Re: Official Rugby World CUp (and the lead up tests) Thread

Originally Posted by Mediocrefunkybeat View Post
There are some priceless pictures that used to be on my Dad's computer consisting of one of our smallest players making a perfect hit on a guy who was much larger, and the other player literally being knocked back off his feet. It was the same match that my photo up there is from and I was standing on the touchline (substituted off I believe) and I felt and heard the crunch of the other player hitting our centre. It was absolutely numbing. That dump tackle looks rather spectacularly painful; I'm assuming you got quite concussed from that one! The worst injury I ever got was a broken collar bone - twice in the space of eight weeks.

I'm getting excited for the World Cup now. I love watching it on TV. I might have to start playing again if I can find the time and a team.
Actually don't remember the next 5 or so minutes after that tackle. They were filming the game and I get straight back up, supporting the play until we score the try off the next phase. What I do remember is trying to run off the field because I'm all over the shop. I tried to run along the 22 to the side, but I was seeing multiple lines because my vision went funny for a while. Then my equillibrium decided it would have a rest for a while and I started throwing up not ling after that. I had severe concussion with every problem associated with it (minus the strokes and long term stuff).

I took a year off rugby this year because I had to basically rebuild all the muscles in my shoulders as the ligaments and tendons across the front and top are stretched and don't hold my shoulder in all that well anymore. But next season I'm playing again; Colts grade for the Melbourne Rugby Club. Looking forward to it more than christmas for an 8 year old.

Hanging out for the Australian demolition of Japan in Lyon on Friday (Sat for us)

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