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Originally Posted by DrummerDad View Post
I dont experiment much with music. The tastes of most are weird to me. Are there any other drummers, who can actually play like him? Im talking about the stuff where his feet are playing 3-4 time, and he cymbal crashes on 4-4 time, or where he plays in a 4-4 time while the band plays in a 3-4 or 6-8. His timing is superb if you ask me. And hes a triple threat. Clean, Fast, and Technical. I know Rush has played weird time sigs before, but its like these guys could care less about a time sig. If the words require a 5-8 in the first measure and a 3-4 or 7-8 in the next, so be it.I think its borderline genious. Any one else play like that, if so who?

To me , the band playing in odd times is too much like listening a metranome. I much prefer to hear bands like king krimson's use of odd times along with meshuggah , or tool .
TO me , they are the bands who make the odd times feel like ther not odd at all .
And anyone with theory backround and 5 years of drumming backround should be able to play like he does , and by that i mean like a metranome.

I could easily play in any odd meter , and i know i can make it sound good , but im sure if your musical taste calls for business over texture and finesse im sure you would prefer portnoy.
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