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Originally Posted by sLarkin20 View Post
No feel or musicality? His playing in his latest DVD is mindblowing. He turned BLAST BEATS into something musical for crying out loud. Maybe his older stuff has less feel to it, but I really thought his playing on his latest DVD was out of this world. He also seems like a really laid back, easy to talk to guy from the way he comes off in his DVD. Unlike the impression I get from a lot of the extremely advanced technical drummers that play things just for the sake of playing them and have the personalities of rocks, Thomas seems like a really chill guy that dosen't walk around acting as if he is Gods gift to drumming and finds a way to make the incredibly technical fit into his music. I personally take much more of a liking to drummers that are more relatable to, Thomas being one of them for me.
Acctualy I haven't seen his latest stuff.
Yes he looks very humble and nice guy and his techniqual abbilities are fantastic.
Musical taste is always subjective thing. I personally don't see him as my main influence especially for grooves. That of course doesn't mean that for other guy he can't be the Groove-God.
On the other hand there are drummers who are considered great groovers by majority of listeners like Steve Gadd, Jabo Starks etc. Why do so many people agree that X drummer is groove master, thought maybe not techniqual one, while Y isn't. These X drummers can make beat very captivating. In Lang's playing I hear captivating speed, control, coordination and overall sound but not so much beat itself. I'm sure that Lang didn't want to follow Gadd's path and he made decision to work a lot on those things he can do brilliantly today. Certanly I admire him a lot just for different qualities. Every one can learn something valuable from pro drummer.
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