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Originally Posted by Ludface View Post
heyy guys i got a question for and zeppelin fanatic. probably one of my favorite songs is good times bad times just for the intense drumming, but ive never found or heard a live version, did they play this live and are there any live recordings?? if so let me know

According to Dr. MustardPie, there are a couple recordings of GTBT in circulation.

Sources for Rare Performances of LZ Songs:
Good Times Bad Times
AUD 1970.09.04 Inglewood, LA Forum - In Communication Breakdown medley. Best source.
AUD 1971.09.23 Tokyo, Budokan Hall - In Whole Lotta Love medley.

I have the LA forum recording someplace on a CD and will post it later as an attachment (if I can find it and if it is permitted in this forum).

From what I remember listening back to it months ago, the sound quality is not bad to crappy and the tempo is clipping along pretty well - faster than the studio version. Bonham is playing a pretty basic, sturdy, arena version of the studio groove (none of the triplet and 16th note bass drum embellishments).

Listening to old shows, I've noticed alot of the studio stuff is streamlined and simplified when it's played in a large arena (or at quicker tempos than the studio version). So, that kind of embellishment on Zep I's GTBT, played live even at a slower tempo, might have even been ditched by Bonham if he were playing a 3+ hour show at maximum volume and intensity in a large area.

Here's alot of VERY nice info about Zep concerts, recordings, rare performances and such:

I was getting into this stuff alot a while back, but it's very addicting. I had to stop completely because it was leaving no time to actually play drums. However, I collected a decent amount of good material beforehand and still enjoy peeking at it from time to time.

Some of the video stuff is really cool. Foreign performances, interviews - even a clip of Page playing in a skiffle band at 15 years old on a British talent program. He said he wanted to be a chemist or engineer or something like that when asked about his future.

Another interesting video clip has the pre-Zeppelin Yardbirds (with Page) playing Dazed and Confused - no Plant, no Bonham, no Jones. The singer doesn't quite make the grade at all when compared to Plant's treatment of the tune, but the drummer plays alot of the things we hear as Bonham-esque on this tune. I mean, when you hear that tune today played by Zep and the fills on it and such, you pretty much say, "Yep, that's Bonham. That's Bonham's tune." But when you consider the fact that a guy was already playing that tune before Bonham with very similar kicks and fills and such, I think you have to conclude that Bonham was either instructed or took it upon himself to play the tune close to the "original" drummer's take on it. Of course, he didn't play it exactly as the Yardbirds' drummer did, but still he played it with an informed knowledge of the other guy's playing at least. I find this fact kinda interesting and cool too...
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