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when hes on, hes on
when hes off, ...hes off

all drummers have mistakes and mess ups but usually you learn how to cover them up very discretely over time. He messes up like everyone else does but for some odd reason when he does its very glaring.

songs like like breaking glass and luno and helicopter are pretty tough for him still live

...his drumming on WitC dare i say is often EXTREMELY underated, especially on then first half and especially in the prayer, which is definitely his hardest drum track (along with skeleton) and he happens to play it completely flawlessly live. Check a youtube where they play it on letterman... its a well known and rather amusing fact that many people didn't like some of the songs on WitC because they blamed the producer for putting in a drum machine and replacing tong when in fact it was actually Tong playing the track....just really really really like a drum machine.
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