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Default Re: Official Rugby World CUp (and the lead up tests) Thread

Originally Posted by katman View Post
That's only because we weren't there :)
That's debatable (haha)...
I blame it on the French knocking us out in the Semi's so we didn't get the chance to beat the All Blacks.

60 hours until the first match, France vs Argentina.
Pool D is I think the most hottly contested; France, Ireland and Argentina are in it. It's the only pool with 3 teams that could make it out into the finals, all the others have two.
Pool A - England & South Africa
Pool B - Australia & Wales
Pool C - New Zealand & Scotland (chance Italy may beat them, I'm not sure. I'm don't really know their current form)
Pool D - France, Ireland & Argentina. Any two, but I'm leaning towards France & Ireland.

Getting exciting...
Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!
Vamanos! Vamanos!
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